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Post Info TOPIC: What's up with the long updates between scenes?!?

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What's up with the long updates between scenes?!?

There should be new scenes every 10 days and I was informed they come out on the 7, 17, 27, etc of each and every month. I'm paying for a membership and I would hate to lose a scene because of these inconsistencies. 

Would be nice if we can get a word from the owner about any delays or what not and when to expect new scenes. So what are the new dates now to expect a new scene? I was expecting a scene on Dec 17th and its now Dec 23rd. Sigh.

What's happening to kmg? You guys have seriously gone down in customer service and quality. Don't think I'll renew my membership in the future due to this. Which is really a shame because you guys use to be the only ones that offer great videos that sets you apart from the others.



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Since first singed up when the site first started offering monthly memberships they use to update the site every few months or so in the early days. These days I calculate a scene being uploaded once every 12 days give and extra day or two or three or less a day or two or three.

I don't expect them to update a scene every two week's on the dot. I can also feel your frustration if a scene is uploaded a day or two or three after my membership expired. That is why I sign up about 5 or 6 days after a scene is released.

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Now we don't know when site will be updating so it will be wise to sell each scene individually.

Beyond that scenes quality are very low, last scene was one of the worst scenes of all times. There are some girls that we can understand from their faces they don't like to kiss at all. I don't know what has happened lately but I am sure I will be away for a while at least I still have hope KissMe Girl will return its amazing days...



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I agree with every single post: I stopped joining also due to this other than the lack of explicit content.

I haven't see the latest update with Serena and believe me I f*****g love this amazing girl! Her scene with Karla was really intense but not being able to see everything that these two wonderful and perfect girls were doing to pleasure themselves and cum so hard (other than kissing) made me feel really bad! A grew and hot lesbian movie getting censored, thats how I felt

Other than that having updates not coming regularly anymore are making me feel like joining for one month is a waste of money (not judging the content here).

When I saw Serena in the latest update I was really on the brink of joining again since I really love her, but then I thought: I'm not going to see any pussy fingered, licked or any explicit tribbing the girls will do (and they do that really hard and hot!), upcoming updates aren't coming regularly anymore and I could lose my membership for one day and have to join again and then I also read the comments here about latest updates not being so good (and I trust expert members like thedevil, Sauron and mgf that've been here for much longer than me).

So that's how things are for me: if KMG will start to produce fully explicit scenes and update regularly offering us the chance to maximize our membership time, then I'll come back.

Also let me write something about I really missed in the latest scenes I saw:

Last night I watched again two scenes: Kristina & Natasha and  Mia & Cameron

Those scenes were amazing! The girls were having sex and kissing in a lot of various positions, Kristina and Natasha was all with both girl standing and was amazing to watch! Mia and Cameron literally ****ed themselves so hard in every possible position the human body could take until they were both sweaty, with their beautiful faces covered in saliva and spent from all the orgasms.

This is what I would like to see again! Girls having sex in more locations and doing it also in more positions, including scenes where they do everything while standing! This was happening a lot before and was hot, even hotter when they were kissing and tribbing at the same time.

Please make KMG run and fly as it deserves, then I could join even yearly for such a site


I'm part of team, KMGE. We want KMGExplict back.

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