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Marketing Pornography through holomodor

To The Webmaster of this site:

I am a pornography connoisseur, and I am a huge fan of how you brought me to your site today.  Thank you.


Below is a CIA level write up that I quietly put on Twitter to Lisa Ann's attention.  Pornography needs an American makeover into an acceptable safe commodity that protects and profits for its business owners, artists, performers, and crew.  I gather that many websites despite displaying a lot of full feature "jerkable" content are still profitable, but it is skewing the World View on Sexual intercourse and relationships.  My plan is not perfect, but it addresses some major holes and flaws in the current pornographic world economy.


I am happy to discuss this, debate it, and I will be working asap with The President and other World Leaders on this proposal.  So, please comment and discuss.  This is what I had to say:

A new legal precedent is required moving forward for online professionals and their identity, and is it not


rule 37 that says Pornography is the first to innovate.


Consulting for Pornography


To: Lisa Ann, Brazzers


To Forward To: Pornhub, affiliates, and other Pertinent Parties


Subject: Financial Awareness of PornStars, Free to Access Websites, and Identity Fraud


Growing up I was a very casual viewer of pornography, and my interest grew with a DVD


subscription service and FyreTV (I was a bata test user). And after the market crash of 2008 and getting


married in 2009 I became an enthusiast. I have used all pornhub advertised affiliates websites, I have


subscribed to one paid for service for an entire month, and have on more than one occasion cancelled a


short term access agreement (including one to Brazzers).


Also, if you ever want to do me a solid: I made a solo video and stashed it with an ex-girlfriend


somewhere in Los Angeles. While I was in jail I wrote to Belladonna via Hugh Hefner to get it released


and use the profit to get me out of jail. I swear to God that the videos blooper reel had to be able to profit,




When I began a formal method to contact Lisa Ann regarding a financial legal theory of mine that


I developed while in prison; I began a Google Search to contact her professionally speaking. The only


reliable contact I saw was a man named Frank, I believe Frank could put me in contact with Lisa Ann if I


had the proper payola. I noticed an identity issue with Kim Kardashian, just by watching her show and


looking at jaw lines and so I did some casual consulting work for her brand. As I reviewed pictures and


videos of Lisa Ann I noticed a problem.


There are FAR too many women that have been mislabeled and had their own individual identity


stolen from them because of the likeness and popularity of Lisa Anns likeness. There are similar


numbers of People whom have utilized the Universal Attraction of her likeness and then further


capitalized on her personal name. This scheming on the internet is a significant problem; I estimate that it


has immeasurable costs for an identity of a PornStar that has made her way into International Popularity.


Whether or not there are serious and malicious identity thieves of Lisa Ann in the works is not possible


for me to determine but it is evident that there is a major gateway open for continued thievery of the


Identity Value her personal likeness and presence adds to any business situation.


I identify this problem as an Identity Cloning problem. Given todays vast array of


pharmaceutical grade enhancements that travel further and beyond breast augmentation, the potential


losses are limitless. The problem of Lisa Anns identity in her professional landscape is clearly one of


severity and frankly speaking a commodity that needs ongoing supervision and legal aggression. I do not


have an expertise in available biological technologies therefore I do not want to propose anything in that


regard. Digital Identity Cloning through digital manipulation of photography and video is something that


I am able to address.


First, Lisa Ann obviously has people that have taken photographs of others that are then digitally


manipulated and posted to the internet identifying other people or likeness as Lisa Ann. What is more


concerning is that with over the counter digital video editing equipment those same Photoshop edits are


able to be super-imposed onto video images. Additionally women of similar age and stature do not need


much, if any, augmentation for the editor to complete his job of creating the labels and cover images to


steal the identity of Lisa Ann for profit.


Second, Lisa Ann is being blatantly stolen from by mislabeling videos that are clearly or are


vaguely not Actually Lisa Ann. This is a problem that has plagued the industry with the propagation of



sites like and . I am confident that it has been




exasperating from an identity protection standard, and I believe all parties agree change is needed. The


mislabeling I typically see more as a sugarcoating for videos that were uploaded with screen capture


equipment or were developed with technology with the intent of fraudulently creating scenes with the


likeness of Lisa Ann.


Identity theft for professionals that derive their income from their likeness and identity on the


internet is a serious business. Pornography has made it hard due to its willful providence for their


actresses to use surnames similar to MovieStars and former PornStars. A new legal precedent is required


moving forward for online professionals and their identity, and is it not rule 37 that says Pornography is


the first to innovate.


Free to Access Websites New Rules


If we are going to maintain free pornography I believe we all must unionize a little in terms of changing


how we offer Free Service:


1. Everyone Signs up for an account with a confirmed email account, and I personally am good


with forcing a phone number confirmation text. See Yahoo! For their email sign-up program


with this add-on.


2. All Amateur Pornography uploads must be able to identify within the videos meta-data the


Recording Equipment used. IE:


a. Identified user cuckold4369 signs in with Unsaved Password


b. Cuckold4369 goes through visual cues for video upload


c. Cuckold4369 uploads the video


d. At the videos conclusion a pop up list of identifiable cameras are presented


e. Cuckold4369 is then presented a five button selection of plausible cameras this video






i. Cuckold4369 must now select the correct camera from the list


1. That camera is now a known camera for user cuckold4369 and will


only require a confirming click notification that the upload was shot


with known camera.


f. The video is then meta-tagged and labeled by the user without referencing any


Professional Pornographer name or likeness mentioned in the User Agreement List of


Professional Pornographers which is updated Monthly.


i. Any such violation bans the I.P. Address from the website and its affiliates.


Imagine how Las Vegas deals with cheats.


3. Professional Uploads From User: Brazzers1


a. A secure server system with professional equipment and Corporate Meta-Tags


(Trademark and Patented 11/9/2014) is established


b. Once the video has reached the site is available in Brazzers1 Outbox


c. Brazzers1 confirms it is the correct video and version (length)


d. Brazzers1 confirms File Name


e. Brazzers1 sets displayed Label


f. Brazzers1 sets displayed fingernail imaging and fingernail previewing


g. Brazzers1 sets meta-tags


h. Brazzers1 earmarks any other videos the principal video should be (or should not be)


surrounded by in terms of site display.


i. Genres or Similar


i. Brazzers1 clicks confirmation and is immediately forced to watch the video.


j. Upon it finishing, Brazzers1 clicks Display Final


k. Brazzers1 logs out of website


When an Amateur User possess MiniDv tape versions, or unidentifiable equipment the only available


solution is a paid account called Amateur Enthusiast which provides a zero service, Read-The-****ing-


Manual Professional Account.


When the Amateur User(s) upload videos that are identified as typical malignant sources of uploading


such as scrangrb.exe (screen grab software, other software) A pop-up window appears:


This video was sourced from ScranGrab.exe


we know the guy


we have beers with him


and he hates himself for what you have done to our business


And One More Thing: Greek Wedding


I do not want to give away the surprise on this one, but this legal theory is sound. It is profitable


for the actors and actresses whom have not prospered in accordance with, what has been in all reality, a


golden age for profits in pornography.


With the correct angle, productions crews could also reap a significant long term set of benefits.


A memo about Identity Writing:


Twitter got us all wound up by the saying the real ie therealdwaynejohnson or thereallisaann,


etc. The problem is, in reality, there is Lisa Ann. Allowing the legal verbiage to state the real Lisa Ann


allows for the potential permission by wordsmith to provide for some level of acceptability of identity


fraud. If there is another woman named Lisa Ann that is similarly Universally Attractive and desires the


status of being a Public Figure at any level, then there is a clear need for a conversation and a decision.


I like using the phrase: The Actual Lisa Ann. It establishes there being no interest or recognition


of so-named body doubles or imitators, imposters, and identity thieves.







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A mindful thought I received: Could We go so far as to say the "MOTODROID3" must be syncing with this computer?

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